Privacy Policy

  • Definition
    • For the purposes of this privacy policy, personal information is defined as information about a living individual, and more specifically, details such as names, email addresses, etc. which can be used to identify a specific individual (this also includes information which can easily be cross-referenced against other information to identify a specific individual).
  • Acquisition
    • In addition to information (name, email address, password, etc.) required to sign up for Pubcen’s service, if users use a social login function operated by third party social networking services such as Facebook or Google (“Third Party SNS”), users agree to disclose and share the corresponding Third Party SNS account information and personal information disclosed by the Third Party SNS (personal information on record with the Third Party SNS when you use a Third Party SNS social login) with Pubcen.
  • Payment Information
    • Depending on how users purchase our “paid service”, Pubcen may also acquire information on users’ billing addresses as well as other payment information.
  • Purpose of Use
    • Pubcen will use customers’ personal information only within the scope of fulfilling the operations and purposes outlined below.
      • To provide, maintain, and improve Pubcen’s service
      • To handle notices, inquiries, etc. regarding Pubcen’s service
      • To troubleshoot and provide customer support
      • To provide security for Pubcen’s service for all users
      • To improve Pubcen’s service, develop new services, etc.
      • To create modified data where individuals cannot be identified that is relevant to Pubcen’s service
      • To contact users
      • To manage accounts
      • To use as information to determine non-taxable transactions for sales tax
      • Miscellaneous purposes incidental to the aforementioned purposes
    • However, Pubcen may use personal information without the consent of customers in cases as prescribed by law, cases where it is necessary to protect an individual’s life, body, or assets, or cases where it is necessary to cooperate with a state organization, local organization, or a person entrusted by such organizations to execute an act prescribed by law.
  • Providing Information to Third Parties
    • As a rule, Pubcen will not provide personal information to third parties. However, this rule does not apply in the following cases. Furthermore, except in cases prescribed by law, specific personal information will not be provided to third parties even with consent.
      • When the specific individual identifiable by the personal information (“Person”) has consented
      • When disclosure is necessary under the provisions of laws and regulations
      • When it is necessary to protect a life, body, or assets, and it is difficult to obtain consent from the Person
      • When the handling of personal information is outsourced within the scope of fulfilling a purpose of use
      • When it is necessary to cooperate with a state organization, local organization, or a person entrusted by such organizations to execute affairs as prescribed by law, and obtaining consent from the Person may pose a risk of hindering said affairs
  • Outsourcing
    • In the case that Pubcen outsources the handling of personal information acquired to a third party, Pubcen will choose a third party that possess a sufficient standard of personal information protection. Additionally, after establishing this standard of protection via contract, etc., Pubcen will implement training and management to ensure the appropriate handling of any personal information.

      Pubcen will share user information with service providers that process data on Pubcen’s behalf, such as credit card payment agencies and customer management systems. Examples of the roles these service providers play are as follows.

      • Implementing, developing, and improving the functions of Pubcen’s service
      • Completing payment procedures
      • Handling sales or support requests from users
    • Pubcen will not share user information with third parties for advertising purposes.

      User content will be private unless the user chooses to share it.

  • Correction and Termination
    • Regarding the Person’s retained personal data held by Pubcen, Pubcen will automatically acquire a certain amount of information from your computer or device when you access Pubcen’s service or Pubcen’s website.

      For example, Pubcen will acquire information about your IP address, internet browser, software, websites browsing, and session data.

      One of the purposes of Pubcen’s automatic information acquisition is to understand user interests and choices in order to customize the service for the user. If the user would like to correct, supplement, or terminate details pertaining to themselves, please make a request with the personal information inquiry and consultation service desk, and Pubcen will correct, supplement, or terminate information after identity verification.

  • Inquiries
November 16, 2017
Pubcen, Inc. Personal Information Protection Supervisor