Cookie Policy

  • What is a Cookie?
    • A cookie is a standard feature of websites that allows for small amounts of data about your visit to our website to be saved on your computer. This lets us know how to tailor our service to you and to understand areas that need improvement.

      Cookies are saved on your computer when you visit the website. However, absolutely no personal information, such as user names and email addresses, are included in this saved information. You can reject cookies by changing their browser settings. However, if you do this, you may become unable to access certain features of the site, or the website may not function as it is intended.

  • Use of Cookies
    • Cookies created by Pubcen are for the purposes outlined in the following 2 examples.
      • Verification
        • Cookies are used to verify whether a user is currently logged in or not.
      • Analytics
        • Cookies are used to understand and analyze an individual’s habits relating to the use of Pubcen and its various features, as well as that user’s general use history. All of this is for the purpose of improving our service.
    • Pubcen also uses Google Analytics, Marketo, and Facebook Pixel to understand Pubcen usage trends, including information relating to specific features.

      Data collected by cookies shall be obtained and managed according to the policies of the source companies from which the data is taken.

      Please see the following links for information on the cookie policies of applicable source-companies.

    • Furthermore, when using the Pubcen HelpCenter, you agree to accept cookies made by Zendesk under Zendesk’s Cookie Policy.

      Please see the following link for information on Zendesk cookies.

  • Disabling Cookies
    • Web browsers are by default set to accept cookies. However, users can choose to change their browser settings in order to reject cookies, or to request a message be displayed each time a site requests to create a cookie.

      There are various methods to manage cookies. For your specific web browser’s settings, please refer to that browser’s “help” function.

      Regarding web beacons embedded within emails, you may disable these by choosing not to download images sent within emails. However, this method relies upon the capabilities of your email client, and may not completely disable such beacons. In these cases, we ask that you directly unsubscribe from relevant email subscriptions.

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November 16, 2017
Pubcen, Inc. Personal Information Protection Supervisor