Plans and Charges

Types Free Member Premium Member
Charges Free 5
Period of saved content Up to 1 year previous Unlimited
Curation style Manual curation only Automated curation / manual curation
Upon membership registration, you will have free access to all functions of the Pubcen service for 30 days. Please select either Free Member or Premium Member status after those 30 days have expired. Premium Members must pay 5 USD / Monthly, or 50 USD for a yearly subscription paid in advance. The features available to members depend upon the type of membership.
Period of saved content
The time period cap on content stored on Pubcen differs depending on your membership type. Free Members are only able to curate content that is 1 year old or younger. Premium Members are able to store all content from any connectors that are attached to their Pubcen account.
Curation style

There are 2 styles of Pubcen curation: manual and automated

Manual curation
  You click the “Curation” button to curate content from your Connectors. Free Members have access to only this curation style.
Automated curation
  Pubcen automatically curates all content connected with a user’s registered connectors. Premium Members are able to access manual curation as well when they need to.